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The Geek Initiative

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The Geek Initiative

My completed author list of works for The Geek Initiative

while I was the Community & Social Media Manager and Media Editor.


Taking Over Wizard World - Philadelphia 2016


Cosplay Spotlight: Rebecca Lindsay and Her Overnight Fame at NYCC 2016

LARP - Live Action Role Playing

"What the f*ck is LARPing?"


Comic Review: Rachel Rising - Cemetery Songs

Podcasts & #LARPChatLive (Edited for Platform)

Selection of Edited Works on TGI's YouTube Channel

Additional Content

Check Out These Rad Anime Tattoos!

Gift Giving Guides (or "Listicals")

Gifts For My Puddin'! A DC Comics Gift Guide

Honorable Mentions

2015 Women in Geek Culture: My Top 18 Heroes
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