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Seventh Kingdom IGE

Portraits and action shots while portraying a double-life.

· Catherine C J Baxley,Portfolio,Photography,LARPing
Seventh Kingdom IGE

Seventh Kingdom IGE (or interactive gaming environment) is a New Jersey-based LARP (or live-action role play) where the setting provides players with a continuous in-game experience, allowing for the character development to be completed largely by the players and their choices. The game came to an end in July 2019 on it's ten-year anniversary.

That's me!

I started LARPing in July 2014 as a Wild Elf from the Kingdom of Fir'bolg. Before the June 2015 event, the Staff emailed me personally and requested I take photos during the event! It was an honor as this was the first time I was ever requested to take live-action AND event photography.

For more photographs to view for reference (only), please direct message me!

Photograph by Mark Chadbourne

Handsome Luccari
Hail, Lucca!
Candid Moment
One of Many Nature Scenes
"You Win or You Die."
Morning Greeting
Solari Token
Hear Me Roar

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