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Care About the Strays

Variety of online marketing strategies I tested while working with C.A.T.S.

· Catherine C J Baxley,Portfolio,Social Media,Non-Profit Org,Animals
Care About the Strays dba Cats for Adoption

Social Platforms

Facebook - Care About the Strays

Facebook was difficult to navigate on the back-end, and that wasn't due to analytics. Five members of the organization were Admins and posted when and how they wanted to. This really affected how I was planning the social calendar and generating organic clicks for the platform.

YouTube - Care About the Strays

It was important to start branding on YouTube for the organization since other organizations were already picking up the trend at that time. Random videos (like, "Kit Kat") did not have good attendance in views compared to the others, like the GoFundMe Campaign or the subscription boxes.

Instagram - Care About the Strays

Today, everyone knows the game for social media is "pay to play," which was not an advantage for C.A.T.S. Instagram's analytics were best sourced from hashtags.

Twitter - Care About the Strays

Twitter was the weakest platform for the organization and was not used to it's capacity.

G+ for Care About the Strays

G+ for Care About the Strays was requested to use in order to create even more reach, however did not meet our expectations.

Innovative Campaigns

KitNipBox was the first time I ever reached out to an organization for a donation to this capacity. The team was so kind and helpful, and we were honored to be included in their list of organizations that would be able to participate in the 15 percent charity campaign.

This was my first video created for the organization to draw more attention to Winston's Veterinary Care. Winston did end up in a loving foster home until he passed.

meowbox was the second box subscription company I reached out to. They customized the box to include some of the cat's names and this was quite interesting to film! This time around, I didn't have a second camera person, but it made for some amazing on-camera shots and bloopers!

A small montage to promote the shelter during volunteer registration opportunities. All video clips were filmed myself and most of the photos were taken by other members. The board was interested in an "ASPCA" feel.

Climb-It Cat (with Ariel)

Climb-It Cat is really a product that can help cat parents (or any critter!). These covers fit organically on cat trees and beds to collect hair to make clean-up easier. She also surprised the cats with a small cat-nip pouch to pounce with!

Dr. Catsby (and Jonas)

Not to alter opinions, but these bowls really do work! Whenever I watch my cats eat from these bowls they do take their time and you can actually see their whiskers adjust to the curves! Dr. Catsby was kind enough to donate fifteen bowls to the shelter and to families that adopted from Care About the Strays!



Lessons Learned

Although Care About the Strays was not the best organization to work with, I learned a lot about what not to do. Later in life, I hope to have my own sanctuary that is home to domestics, farm, and wildlife.

The best advice I can give to animal organizations that are looking to expand their marketing territory is to detach themselves from old marketing techniques and learn to open to the idea of new strategies provided by an external collaborator. Massive appeal for smaller organizations do not occur overnight, except in special circumstances, and will need to learn to be patient during re-branding strategies. During my nine months with Care About the Strays, it was time to move on due to differences and lack of communication.

Before my departure, I also re-worked some of the website layout to best reflect the organization's mission, cat adoption showcase, and additional information. The website had been severely updated since I left the organization and hopefully, it is being used properly to expose cat adoptions.

My Reward(s)


While working for the organization, Jonas touched our hearts and we brought this sweet, little boy home.

Jonas (or as we call him "Jo-Jo") loves to head bunt for a good petting, will keep you company whenever you're in need of a friend, and love to howl louder than an ambulance horn into the bathtub in the middle of every night.


Meet Tinkerbell, a.k.a. Tina (she has not been called that since she left the shelter). This the exact moment when I met this sweet, little kitten. She didn't have a great story of her previous life either and it was a match made in heaven.

She is a complete lap cat, meows for food constantly, and can literally fit into any sized container, box, or open shelving.

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