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    The Wilding Druid


    Since a young child, Catherine has always had a passion for creativity, art, and nature - anything that sparks the imagination. Her childhood dream was to become a famous singer once listening to the greats, of Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in The Sound of Music. Now, she hikes mountains, communes with all walks of life (except certain bug species), and emmotes creative problem-solving and devotion into any project.


    Today, she primarily focuses her attention to event and project coordination, leading others to grow, and promoting positive energy. Catherine is direct with answers and is a quick decision-maker (not when it comes to personal matters on paint color for the wall or what to eat for dinner). Once her mind is made up-as both a blessing and a curse-she fully commits to whatever task or trial is laid out in front of her.


    As a entrepreneur, Catherine sees vision will all possibilities, and dreams, can come true. With her starter company, 35 media marketing., she has helped those with various marketing needs to creative professionals and small businesses from basic software training to digital marketing plans. 35 media marketing.is based on the concept to help those who do what they do best and helping them improve with the tools they need managed. Catherine is proud to say that 35 media marketing. is the beginning of her entrepreneurial adventures and is looking forward to expanding her network and portfolio.


    Catherine has a plethora of skill-sets that she has developing since a young teenager. With creative writing, her short film "Girl Meets Boy, etc." won second place in the New Jersey Young Filmmakers Festival in 2015 and others have been selected for the 2014 Paterson Falls Film Festival. In addition, she is a former editor and community manager for a geek publication website.


    She has also worked for various non-profits throughout the past ten years from a folk music organization in Philadelphia to cat rescues within the Hudson Valley to your local, public library.


    At this time, she is working for a leasing corporation as a member of the field team (Assistant Marketing Director) for one of the locations in their portfolio. Coordinating events, distributing schedules, and co-manages set-up team; upkeeping content management that includes media releases, blogs, social platforms, website text, SEO, and reference and research handouts; collaborating with tourism organizations and film production crews; acting as liaison and representative for local and county meetings on behalf of the organization; creating networking opportunities with non-profit organizations and tenants at all levels; and graphic design that instills branding.

  • Tidbits

    • Catherine's true passions lies with animals, nature, and the arts - in no particular order. She will go out of her way to support of three and are the primary subjects of her work.
    • When she goes to the gym, she reads inspirational and business books to increase motivation during her least favorite activity. If she forgets her books, she'll actually dance to metal or banjo ballads on the machines instead. 
    • She has three degrees - Associate's, Bachelor's, and Master's. Her Master's tuition was waived based on a scholarship by working for the university. 
    • As much as she would like to be a minimalist, she will always be a maximalist. Her walls are covered from floor-to-ceiling art pieces, either created by herself, from local artists, or excavated from antique shoppes. 
    • Catherine will always ask questions and never pursues without purpose. She is always looking to improve herself and will honestly admit her faults. 
    • If asked, she will give you a full, unfiltered opinion. 
    • Loves a good rain storm, followed by morning fog. 

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