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    Since completing her MBA in Entrepreneurship, Catherine is always in pursuit of new opportunities that can expand her skill-sets, experiences, and network. She is willing to start from the ground-up to achieve her goals and looks forward to new challenges.

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    July 7, 2019 · Catherine C J Baxley,Portfolio,Photography,LARPing
    Seventh Kingdom IGE (or interactive gaming environment) is a New Jersey-based LARP (or live-action role play) where the setting provides players with a continuous in-game experience, allowing for the character development to be completed largely by the players and their choices. The game came to...
    June 24, 2019 · Catherine C J Baxley,Portfolio,Non-Profit Org,Social Media,Event Coordination
    I was originally hired as Program Assistant and quickly promoted to Program Coordinator once my supervisor moved on from the organization within a six-week period of being hired in October to early December of 2017. One of the primary reasons I was hired for The Nyack Library was to become the...
    June 14, 2019 · Catherine C J Baxley,Portfolio,Social Media,Non-Profit Org,Animals
    Social Platforms Facebook was difficult to navigate on the back-end, and that wasn't due to analytics. Five members of the organization were Admins and posted when and how they wanted to. This really affected how I was planning the social calendar and generating organic clicks for the platform....
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    "Catherine is an excellent worker, and a great person to have on your team. She's as sharp as they come and eager to learn any skills, or complete any task. Her forthrightness makes her an excellent asset, and her attention to detail is second to none..." - Erin H.


    "...She is intelligent, creative and fun to be around! I would unhesitatingly recommend her for any position because I know that she would bring her very best to anything she were to attempt." - Debra S.


    "I am pleased to recommend CJ wholeheartedly. CJ is a bright young woman who brings passion and professionalism to every project she works on. I was able to witness CJ in action when she interned with the Philadelphia Folksong Society and Philadelphia Folk Festival. She poured countless hours into online marketing campaigns for PFS and PFF, helped to streamline the volunteering process, and spent late nights at the Festival preparing to launch the then brand new PFF/PFS app, the building of which she had greatly assisted. She always had a great attitude and enthusiasm for her work." - Haley V.


    "Catherine is by far the most well-organized person I've ever known. Between three different film projects with her, she was always the one I could rely on to keep order on the set when things got crazy, yet she always knew how to have fun when the time called for it. She is invaluable to project she touches, whether it be a low-budget film or a business consultation. She is a passionate, ambitious, and level-headed person..." - Bryan H.


    "Catherine is a reliable, hard working and considerate person. She is always willing to go the extra mile and offer assistance without being asked..." - Rebecca F.


    "Catherine would be a valuable asset to any organization. I’ve personally witnessed the passion she has for her craft and the people and companies that she serves. She takes a proactive approach to everything she is involved with and is always willing to take the extra steps that any task requires." - Keri C.

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